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AC duct cleaning— feel the pleasant coolness indoors. It’s a hot summer day, middle of Julyprobably, you turn on your conditioner and enjoy the cold air whiffs insideyour house. This is a real salvation at a time when it seems that even asphaltbegins to melt from the heat outdoors. But later you notice that the cold airblows not intensely enough to save you from the hell of extremely sunny days.What could be the reason of that? Let us answer first — you did the AC air ductcleaning long ago. This looks like a job for Green Ductors!Dust happens — don’tbe upset. There is a filter in HVAC system that you can remove and change — itwill help you restore the normal air-cooling. But if the situation didn’tchange, it means that you need air conditioning duct cleaningservices from professionals with special equipment. Such services will help yourecover AC level and improve overall air quality — double benefit!You don’tneed to be a millionaire for using the services of air duct cleaning. Theprices may differ depending on the scope of work, but it doesn’t mean thatsomebody is going to pay $100 and you — $10 000. All prices for services of ourcompany are presented on the main page of our website. If you have questionsabout the air conditioner duct cleaning cost, contact us, and you will know allthe details.In most cases technicians must inspect your air duct first anddetermine the condition of system. We have special devices with cameras forinspection of ventilation trunk. After this procedure we can estimate thedegree of contamination and tell you how much the cleaning will cost. You canorder from us full or partial cleaning in case you need to clean only air ductor dryer vent, for example.


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